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Tax Chats are brief discussion sessions, wherein we describe and discuss recent tax news, tax proposals, or other interesting tax-related issues, and answer questions for the audience.

The Latest from the Podcast

Scoring the Wyden-Smith Tax Deal: A Chat with Alexander Arnon Tax Chats

  1. Scoring the Wyden-Smith Tax Deal: A Chat with Alexander Arnon
  2. Testifying about Taxes: A Chat about Congressional Testimony with Douglas Holtz-Eakin
  3. The Trend in Income Inequality: A Chat with Wojciech Kopczuk
  4. Taxing Americans Abroad: A Chat with Laura Snyder
  5. Re-release: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Tax Perjury Trial: A conversation with Edgar Dyer

Latest Chats

Should we tax companies with excessive CEO Pay?

September 15, 2021

  1. The “CEO Pay Ratio Tax” see item #1 in this article: Four CEO Pay-Related Taxes in Play on Capitol Hill –
  2. The proposed “Stock Buyback Tax
  3. Proposed increase in the corporate tax rate House Democrats Consider 26.5% Corporate Tax Rate – WSJ

Over the next few weeks, I will schedule additional tax chats to cover all of the tax proposals being floated by lawmakers in the four page document linked in this article: Senate Democrats float tax options to pay for Biden’s multi-trillion dollar plan (, also available here: