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Martin Luther King Jr.’s Tax Perjury Trial: A conversation with Edgar Dyer

January 17, 2022 12:00 am (30 Minutes)


Martin Luther King Jr. is the only person to have ever been tried for perjury with regards to state income taxes in Alabama. Jeff and Scott interview Edgar Dyer about the tax perjury trial of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1960. Eddie wrote an article entitled “A Triumph of Justice in Alabama: The 1960 Perjury Trial of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Fred Grey, Martin Luther King’s attorney, said of the trial, “No one would have predicted that an all-white jury in Montgomery, Alabama, the Cradle of the Confederacy, in May 1960, in the middle of all the sit-ins and all of the racial tension that was going on, would exonerate Martin Luther King, Jr. But it really happened.” Coretta Scott King said of the trial, “A southern jury of twelve white men had acquitted Martin. It was a triumph of justice, a miracle that restored your faith in human good.”  Dr. King said it was a “turning point” in his life. Tune in to hear about this triumphal tax trial, which was a turning point for Martin Luther King.